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Hotel Mercury Inn is a new venture of Amritsar based B. Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh (CSJS Group) who have rich heritage in printing and publishing of holy Gurbani, historical and literary books on Sikhism and other religions. Now 130 year old firm took major step towards providing better facilities according to the new standards such as demand of neat and clean rooms near the Golden Temple. They have stepped into the hospitality sector providing world class facilities to the pilgrims in their newly opened hotel.

The Hotel is only at 1 minute walking distance to Golden Temple & Sri Akal Takhat Sahib.

The divine atmosphere in and around Golden Temple and our cordial hospitality will impel you to stay with us time and again. The hotel will always welcome you with the same finery and fervor. The well trained staff will always provide you good service. It is hoped that whenever you visit this holy city and sacred shrine of Golden Temple, you will prefer to visit us.